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Excellent in every respect

Membrane keyboard with doming

With our innovative membrane keyboards we offer you the right solution for every requirement. The design and configuration possibilities are almost unlimited. The most important options include homogeneous lighting, integrated light sensors, capacitors or resistors, EMC shielding and integrated touchscreens.

Each keyboard is manufactured to customer specifications using the latest production methods. You will therefore always receive a product that exactly meets your individual needs and is perfectly suited for the desired application. Despite this high degree of customisation, our prices stand up to any comparison. For we are able to optimise our costs using our sound knowledge and carefully selected suppliers – an advantage that we are happy to pass on to you.

If you wish, we can also manufacture complete assemblies and supply you with the finished and fully operational end product.

FT-stainless steel look

Keyboard assembled with HT TECH-milled stainless-steel front panel


Flexprint-based membrane keypad with homogeneously illuminated doming keys


Customer-specific membrane keyboard on Flexprint with integrated status LED

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