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Impressive in every form

Silicone keypad with carbon pill

Our elastomer products are robust, versatile, flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. We thus offer you a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to classic membrane keyboards.

Silicone keyboards are also highly resistant to chemical influences and insensitive to contamination and moisture. Free choice of colours and shapes mean virtually limitless design possibilities. The combination of injection-moulded components in elastomer production with metallic snap domes allows us to offer a variety of options that leaves almost nothing to be desired. We can adjust the actuating and return forces precisely to your needs according to the respective application.

Thanks to our experience and vertical range of manufacture, we can also offer you complete products that are individually tailored to your needs.


ST-illuminated silicone keypad with highly transparent bonded keys

Wide range of ST variants

Silicone keyboard with keys and surfaces in various designs


Silicone keyboard with ABS injection-moulded keys and special coating

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