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We give your control system the perfect touch.

High-quality resistive touchscreens

The resistive touchscreen is still indispensable for industrial control systems. Its main advantages: It can be operated with gloves or a standard pen and is, therefore, particularly cost-effective.

Our resistive touchscreens are characterised by outstanding quality. Hardened ITO glass and high-quality ITO films guarantee a long service life. Flawless workmanship ensures maximum reliability and first-class electrical contacting. Thanks to the use of polarisers, the screens offer excellent readability, even in sunlight.

With our 15 years of experience, we can advise you right from the design-in phase and develop product solutions that are tailored precisely to your system.

Customised pcap touchscreens

Our projected capacitive touchscreens offer you outstanding technical quality combined with the greatest variety. pcap technology opens up numerous design possibilities. You benefit from high flexibility in design and for the development of customised functions.

With our expertise and competence we offer you comprehensive advice and ensure that you receive the optimal product. We perform important production steps such as glass processing completely in-house. This enables us to implement solutions that are tailored to your needs quickly and cost-effectively.

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